Office Furniture Product Catalogs

Office Furniture Product Catalogs

Office furniture product catalogs from the manufacturers use what in known as the list price. The list price is not what the end user pays. Most manufacturers have a sliding discount scale based on the total list price of the project. We have access to many product lines from manufacturers of different sizes

Discounts of list price

The list price discounts shown by the catalog links are just a starting point for small projects. With larger projects the discounts will increase. The amount it will increase will vary based on the size of the manufacturer and what they consider a large project. Regardless of the size of your project I can help you find the best solution for your taste and budget

CORPDESIGN Office Furniture Catalog:  A contemporary manufacturer with very quick distribution, a 10 year warranty, and a very competitive price point.  If you are looking for modern design on a budget take a look at this catalog

NDI Office Furniture Catalog:  NDI has a large product assortment including office furniture and other office products and accessories.  Call (281)574-3800 for the current discounts off list price or to get a quote today.

HON NOW Quick-ship program:  Many HON products that are made in the USA with the Lifetime Warranty.  Their seating is among the best quality commercial seating on the market.  Taking advantage of the deep discounting on their quick-ship program can get you a great price on a top quality chair without having to have a large order.

Our best selling cubicle line is also available on this program.  The pricing is competitive with refurbished and import pricing, but cubicles are highly configurable and it is best to consult with us and get a customized quote rather than try to do a catalog order.

Express Office Furniture Catalog:  Express Office furniture represents one of the greatest overall values in our product line up.  Call (281)574-3800 for current pricing and inventory levels.

HON 2020 Full Line Product Catalog :  If we were to put the full breadth of the HON product line into an actual catalog it would be MASSIVE.  This catalog shows a large sampling of their products.  This catalog is more of an idea book than an actual catalog, but it is useful to get a feel for what you want.  HON is a true Contract Furniture line.  We are able to help you specify the finishes and features you want and price out your project for you.  If it is not a mid to large sized project then I recommend sticking with the quick ship options available in their NOW Catalog.

HON Full Line List Price Book 2020:  Not typically recommended for end users, but it does help explain how big the product line is and just how many features and finishes can be specified.  This is more of a dealer tool.  Our  design software makes it easier to design, specify and price, especially on larger projects.  However the List Price Book is an invaluable tool for quick answers on which specifications are available on which item.  

Cherryman Industires Office Furniture Brochure:   A good mid-market manufacturer with contemporary lines that are reasonably priced.  Their Jade Wood Veneer line is a great choice for clients who want wood instead of laminate.

And many more to come.